Digital resources

Databases and journals

The NU library is part of the Hospital Libraries VGR and a large part of our collaboration is the E-library VGR where you can find a large selection of databases and journals. There are also guides to some of the databases, with these there is a PDF file or movie file.

See complete list of available databases AZ.

Below we have listed our frequently used databases. You can use them without a login when you are on the hospital network, but you can also access our databases from home.

You can reach journals via BrowZine.

Clinical knowledge support

UpToDate is VGR's common infrastructure for producing, quality assurance, storing and distributing knowledge content. Within the hospital network, you as an employee can access UpToDate without logging in. There is also a direct link via Melior.


E-books are automatically deactivated when the loan period expires. The loan period of e-books varies depending on where they are borrowed from. To renew an e-book loan, you need to log in to the different e-book providers.

Access from home

To access our resources on your computer or private mobile when you are not on the workplace network, we refer to Databases A-Z at the VGR E-library. You will need to log in with your VGR ID and password in the same way as you do when using your computer and e-mail.

If you use VPN and experience problems with access to our resources - disconnect VPN and log in externally instead.

For access to BrowZine, you can use our proxy, but you must always log in to your registering account with the respective database if you want to access your saved articles/books.

You who are a student at Högskolan Väst can also access e-books, magazines and articles via the university. Read more at