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Healthcare Service Guide

Please visit the 1177 website if you need information about the Swedish healthcare system. There you will find a guide to where to go and who to contact to get the right healthcare in Sweden. 

1177 Healthcare Service Guide

1177 Healthcare Guide

The 1177 Healthcare Advice Line is available throughout the country, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can call 1177 if you need to consult a nurse about:

  • advice on self-care
  • symptoms
  • care needs
  • where you should go if you need care
  • deciding on the urgency of your care need

1177 Healthcare Guide (in English) Region Västra Götaland (in English)

Emergency care

In case of a serious accident, serious medical condition or if you require an ambulance, you can call 112. The paramedic will decide if you need to go to hospital. If necessary, a doctor can be summoned.

Updated: 2023-01-16 10:46