Find the right care

When you become ill, injured, or need advice about your health you will be helped faster if you come to the right place of care from the beginning whether this is by calling the 1177 helpline or visit health care centres or hospitals. Listed below are some information that could help you find the right care for your medical care needs.

If you need further information about the Swedish healthcare system, please visit

​​​112 (emergency)

Phone the emergency number 112 when there is a danger to your or someone else’s life, such as if you have been involved in a major accident, experience acute breathing difficulties, massive bleeding, or chest pain. An ambulance will be sent if you or someone who is ills needs urgent care at an accidents and emergency department.

The accidents and emergency department at the NU Hospital Group is located at NÄL in Trollhättan. Please note that if you need ophthalmology care (eye care) they are based at Uddevalla Hospital in Uddevalla.

1177 helpline

Always contact 1177 helpline for advice and referral to the right form of care which can be either a health care centre (vårdcentral, jourcentral) or an accident and emergency department (akutmottagning). By contacting 1177 you get the right help based on your medical care needs.

The 1177 helpline is available throughout the country, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Their phone number is 1177 (or 0046 771-11 77 00 if you are calling from an international phone).

Seek healthcare (

1177 in other languages (

Healthcare centres

There are several healthcare centres available throughout Västra Götalandsregionen both privately owned and regionally funded, that patients can contact to get help for their medical care during weekdays. Some of the healthcare centres offers the possibility for patients to drop-in without an appointment. Use the link below to find a healthcare centre, and their contact details, near you.

Find a clinic – (Narhalsan)

Urgent care centres

There are some healthcare centres who are open on evenings and weekends. These urgent care centres can assist patients who are not in need of immediate emergency care when the other healthcare centres are closed. If needed the urgent care centre staff can refer their patients to the hospital for specialist or emergency care. Use the link below to find an urgent care centre, and their contact details, near you.

Hitta vård - 1177 (please note that this page is in Swedish)

Specialist services at the hospital 

To get in contact with one of the different specialist services at the hospital you need a referral from a doctor at the healthcare centre or urgent care centre who initially treated you. In some cases, you can send in a referral to a specialist service on your own without visiting a doctor first, this is called an egen vårdbegäran. To send in your own referral you write an electronic message via to the specialist service you wish to visit and explain how you feel and why you seek their help.

Healthcare guarantee

There is a limit to how long you can be kept waiting for medical care. If you have been waiting too long at one clinic, you are entitled to receive care at another. This is called the healthcare guarantee.

The time limit is different depending on if you are treated at a healthcare centre or at a hospital. It also differs depending on which care you seek help for. It is always the medical assessment done by medical staff that decides if, and when, you can get the care you need within the time limit of the healthcare guarantee.  

More information about the healthcare guarantee can be found on the 1177 helpline website: Healthcare guarantee (1177).

If you have questions regarding your payment obligation, please contact the clinic at the NU Hospital Group where you are listed as a patient.